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How You can Benefit from a Consulting Service

If you’re a business leader or senior manager in a freight forwarding company that doesn’t typically use management consulting firms, or you just don’t have much experience of working with consultants, you might even wonder why you’d ever need to.

However, every company eventually hits challenges or issues which for one reason or another, are simply beyond its ability to economically resolve with internal resources alone.

When these issues arise within your company’s supply chain operations, a management consulting partner can diagnose the issues, offer cost-effective solutions, and help ensure smooth implementation, easily saving your company more than the applicable consulting fees, many times over.

Like anything though, there are certain ways and means of engaging and working with management consulting firms which if employed, will ensure you get the best from the partnership.

The Primary Benefits of Consulting

Many leading companies make use of supply chain management consulting services, because they recognise the value consultants can bring to the table. The advantages of hiring consultants include:

Objectivity: Supply chain management consulting professionals can provide independent, impartial, fresh viewpoints free from internal influences like culture and politics.

Focus: With the best will in the world, internal company managers can rarely be freed from the entire spectrum of competing obligations their roles entail. Management consultants have only one obligation; to solve their client’s problem. Hence these external experts can maintain a laser focus on the issues to be resolved.

Breadth of Experience: Your company may only experience a given issue once. A supply chain management consulting partner will have dealt with the same issue in different organisations many times over. This means consultants have more tools at their disposal, more experience and most importantly, the know-how to navigate the issue and its potential solutions.

Extra Skills: Aside from their expertise in supply chain matters, experts from a management consulting company maintain skills necessary for projects to be executed successfully. These skills include change management, project management, communication, leadership and analytics.

Quantified Change Benefits: Due to their extensive experience of change and improvement projects, management consulting professionals can help you quantify the benefits of change in your supply chain.

Recommendations for change are supported by rigorous modelling and benchmarking, an innate knowledge of where to look and what to look for, and professional insight into a range of improvement opportunities.

These steps all help to take guesswork out of change initiatives, build a solid business case for change and to produce measurable outcomes that meet stakeholders’ expectations.

4 Reasons to Engage a Supply Chain Management Consulting Company

1) To Gather Information: Supply chain improvement initiatives, or even efforts to resolve a specific problem, can often entail the need for large quantities of accurate, current data.

2) To Solve Problems: Complex supply chain problems can be hard to identify, let alone solve with internal resources alone.

3) To Recommend Actions: Once a problem is identified, there may be several possible solutions. A management consulting firm can evaluate all possible solutions and make objective recommendations as to which will be most cost-effective.

4) To Assist with Implementation: In many cases, management consulting help culminates in recommendations for supply chain improvements or solutions to a problem. On occasion though, it can be helpful to retain consultants through implementation, especially for more complex projects.

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