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Customer Service Tips for Logistics Companies

People behind supply chain logistics systems are constantly looking for new ways to reduce costs and make their operations more productive. In the rapidly changing economic climate we have today, these initiatives are becoming essential for staying ahead of the competition.

While there are adjustments that can help businesses save money, surprisingly, the same processes can often be used to render better service and greater customer satisfaction.

We look at some of the ways you can increase productivity – while at the same time increase customer service – as a result of a more streamlined process and faster delivery to the customer.

Introduce PCMs

Holding pre-work communication meetings (PCMs) with your shipping operation or warehouse employees two or three minutes before the shift starts is a good way for outlining specific goals for the day. These meetings are especially effective if you have a busy day ahead, so you can remind the workers to stay focused and motivated. Make it a practice to end every meeting with a safety reminder.

Minimize handling and touches

The principle is simple – the fewer touches the product is exposed to, the less it will cost for an order to be fulfilled and shipped. In order to improve customer service, your team needs to streamline the supply chain logistics operation, and apply the best practices the industry has to offer to reduce handling and touches.

Facilitate seamless picking and packing

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that picking and packing labour in supply chain logistics accounts for more than 50% of direct labour expenses. What you need to determine is whether you are using the picking method that best matches your order profiles. Your packing area needs to be redesigned for productivity, with readily available cartons, inserts, variable height adjustments for pack tables, packed cartons takeaway, etc.

Use available resources more productively

This has been a phrase that we’ve heard a lot in supply chain logistics today. Through a professional assessment, your supply chain logistics operation will become more productive by optimizing the layout, increasing the product storage and staff efficiency. Failing to meet these basic requirements often leads to increased costs of the warehouse operation. Without physical expansion, every warehouse can increase its current capacity by exploiting that capacity more effectively.

Rethink transportation modes and routes

You can make savings on multi-piece shipments that don’t involve a full pallet or multiple pallets if you use small parcel carriers. By comparing small parcel to LTL carriers (less than truckload) or LTL to truckloads, you can see the price difference for various weight and zone break points. This consideration is especially interesting for id market shippers, where changing the routing and mode of shipment can pay off significantly.

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