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The Importance of Geo-compliance for Your Business

The world can be a very complex place, especially when it comes to business. From language requirements to tax rules, there are many regulations that you should keep in mind when it comes to expanding your business on a global scale.

Whether you run a warehouse or a freight forwarding company, your freight is moved with the same methods – but geo compliance regulations can hinder your global expansion plans if not handled correctly. That’s why you need the right systems in place.

Implementing CargoWise One

With all the complexities of geo compliance, business owners may feel like it’s almost impossible to implement a global business without a local team in every jurisdiction. But if plans of expansion are part of your business, CargoWise One can help.

Effective Communication

Clear communication with customers is one of the cornerstones of a successful global business. You need a solution the removes the language barrier, which is why CargoWise One is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.

CargoWise One is supported by a dedicated team that manages all areas of geo-compliance, so the system can facilitate your global connections. It generates documents in over 30 key languages, and you can manage and adapt these documents to include your own localized terminology and dialect.

Stay Compliant

Your team can’t be experts in accounting rules and laws of every country, which is where CargoWise Once can help. This single-platform system has been designed with global operations in mind, offering the capability to allow your business to be compliant in terms of local customs and tax laws. It manages essential requirements such as VAT compliance, withholding tax, and other general accounting and reporting procedures to help take the hassle out of your international transactions and operations.

Secure Your Operations

Security in the supply chain is a serious matter. The penalties for moving cargo on behalf of black-listed companies are severe and can devastate your business. CargoWise One boosts your business security, giving you the capability to screen your clients and vessels against over 150 individual watch-lists.

These are just a few ways in which CargoWise One can help your business expand globally without having to worry about compliance or security issues, as it helps your global business continue to operate within the laws of countries around the world.

Meraki Consulting offers training and consulting for clients who want to move to a cloud-based, professional platform that also ensures geo compliance. For more information about our services, or to book a consultation, contact us on +27 10 595 4934 or at info@merakiconsultingza.co.za.

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